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Consumers' Referral Guide Introduction

There are many government agencies, trade associations and other organizations that can assist consumers when they have questions or problems.  When problems arise between consumers and merchants, most merchants want to resolve them in a fair manner.  Therefore, it is generally advisable for the consumer to try to resolve the problem by first going back to the merchant.  If the problem does not get resolved in a satisfactory manner, the consumer can seek help from trade associations and/or government agencies.  Many trade associations offer programs that give the consumer an avenue of redress.  In addition, the merchant is likely subject to laws that are administered by government agencies.

Consumers have more power in the marketplace if they know what their rights are and if they know where they can go to enforce those rights.  To this end, this consumers’ resource guide is intended to help you find information regarding many of the topics that concern you and to help you locate the government agency or other organization that may best be able to help you resolve your problem.

CAUTION:  This Utah Consumer’s Referral Guide provides links to web sites that are created and maintained by both government and non-government entities.  The Division of Consumer Protection has no control over these entities or the services or products that they may provide.  The fact that this resource guide includes links to these entities’ web sites should not be viewed as the division’s sponsorship or endorsement of the owners of those web pages or any of the information, products or services that they may offer.

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