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Top Ten Consumer Complaints

The Division gave the following list of top consumer scams for its FY2014 Annual Report.

  1. Alarm Systems: Aggressive sales tactics and misrepresentations used in door-to-door solicitations, failure to allow cancellations within stated time period.
  2. Coaching Services/Telemarketing: Typically involve misrepresentations and deceptive refund policies, failure to disclose risks involved with business opportunities, failure to abide by do-not-call provisions and telemarketers not being registered with the Division to conduct telemarketing.
  3. Retail Sales/Other: All types of deceptive practices concerning retail sales other than dealing with deposits or refunds.
  4. Internet Offer/Sales: Misrepresentations or other deceptive practices, failure to deliver online purchases, and hidden fees.
  5. Home Improvement/Repair: Failure to start or complete job, refusal of job completion until consumer agrees to a higher price than originally agreed upon.
  6. Retail Sales/Deposits/Refunds: False advertising and other deceptive practices, defective merchandise, problems with rebates, coupons, gift cards and gift certificates, failure to deliver and failure to honor stated refund policies.
  7. Auto Repair/Sales: Repairs: Failure to disclose refund policies, failure to obtain consumers’ express authorization prior to repair, unnecessary repairs. Sales: Misrepresentations in advertising or sales, aggressive sales practices, contracts with incapacitated or vulnerable purchaser.
  8. Billing Fraud: Charging consumers without their authorization. Often seen in consumer complaints concerning unauthorized credit card charges from Internet sales and auto-renewing contracts.
  9. Health Spas: Health Spas that have closed down failing to provide consumer refunds.
  10. Charitable Solicitations: Donations being solicited by entities not registered with the division, charitable donations not being used for the stated charitable purpose.


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