Internet Service Provider Content Filtering

During the 2019 General Session, the Utah State Legislature passed Senate Bill 205 modifying legislation passed in 2018 and Utah Code §76-10-1231, a section of the Utah Criminal Code regarding an Internet service provider’s notice to consumers involving blocking or filtering material harmful to minors.  Pursuant to Utah Code §76-10-1231, when a consumer subscribes to an Internet service provider’s service, the Internet service provider shall notify the consumer in a conspicuous manner that the consumer may request to have material harmful to minors blocked.  If a consumer makes such a request, their Internet service provider shall filter content to prevent the transmission of material harmful to minors to the consumer.  The changes to Section 1231 include a requirement that the Division request and publish certain information.  Every other year, the Division must request information from each Internet service provider on how the Internet service provider is complying with Utah Code §76-10-1231. The Division then publishes a compilation of the information it receives on its website.  This compilation is updated biennially.

Below is the current compilation of the information received by the Division.  *This information does not constitute, and may not be represented by any person to constitute, an endorsement or approval of any product or service by either the Division of Consumer Protection or the State of Utah.

As requested, the following provides information on how AFConnect complies with Utah Code paragraph 76-10-1231:

  • AFConnect only contracts to provide Internet service with majority individuals and companies. AFConnect does not provide Internet service to minors.
  • AFConnect attempts to provide services as requested by our customers including attempts to screen or block certain traffic.
  • If we are unable to provide services that customer may request, we will refer the customer to another service provider and terminate our service to that customer.
  • AFConnect does not generally censor Internet traffic to our customers

All West Communications offer its customers a choice of third party solutions for blocking material harmful to minors on the internet:

While there is a charge for the Circle cube, it can be used with all internet-connected devices (mobile or desktop, hardwired or wireless) so you don’t have to configure each device separately.  (Open DNS and Sophos Home are both free, but you will need to configure your devices and/or download software.)

All West also offers its customer Plume® SuperPods™, a WiFi system that allows customer to manage the content that each device or profile can access.  With Plume SuperPods, the customer can approve or block specific websites per device or profile. This service is available to All West customers for a fee. Customers who are interested in the Plume SuperPods System are advised to contact All West Communications at (866) ALL-WEST (255-9378).

We provide this information with our new customer Welcome Letter and we notify our customers of this service annually in our annual disclosures which we send in September.

All West Communications, Inc.

We are committed to providing access to all the great things the internet has to offer. To empower consumers to seize the benefits of technology while avoiding some of the safety pitfalls, Mobility provides tools that help consumers personalize their internet experience and protect their children and themselves from content they find inappropriate. By creating resources for parents and children, and by working with expert nonprofit organizations, we also aim to raise awareness about safe navigation of online technology.

AT&T Secure Family is an app that helps parents manage the online safety of their children across their mobile devices.1 Its content filtering feature allows parents to select from three types of filters - a high filter for children under 11, a medium filter for children geared to ages 12-16, and a low filter for children 17 and over. The content filter can be applied to categories of content that include objectionable apps and Web sites, social media, messaging, games, and videos.2 Parents may also block specific Websites that they do not wish for their children to visit. An additional feature allows parents to view their child's Web and app activity over the past seven days. AT&T Secure Family is available to Mobility customers as well as Cricket, and customers of other major US wireless carriers on Android and iOS devices so that families can help ensure online safety across multiple service providers.

As a leader in connectivity, Mobility is committed to helping users with privacy, safety, and security as they connect online. That is why we offer AT&T ScreenReady®,3 a free online community resource for parents and caregivers that shares tips and tools to help families make safe and positive connections on all screens. AT&T ScreenReady includes resources to help parents set parental controls on their connected devices, navigate digital parenting issues, and create an online and entertainment experience that is right for their family. We also work with experts to understand the risks facing children online, to raise awareness, and to share best practices for those mitigating risks. These groups include the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), Common Sense Media, and the WePROTECT Global Alliance.

We continue to develop policies and systems to address children's rights and keep up with the ever-evolving threats to children's online safety. Additional information about our approach is available in our Issue Briefs dedicated to Responsible Use of Products and Services4 and Safeguarding Children.5

1 For more information, see AT&T Secure Family App - AT&T (

2 For a description of the Secure Family content filtering feature, see AT&T Prepaid Secure Family (

3 For more information about AT&T ScreenReady®, see

4 AT&T Issue Brief: Responsible Use of Products & Services (

5 AT&T Issue Brief: Safeguarding Children (

Per the State of Utah Department of Commerce’s S.B. 134*, as an internet service provider, we are required to notify you of your right to request the ability to block material you deem harmful to minors.

ATC Communications recommends the use of one of the following websites to block such material:

While there is a charge for the Circle cube, it can be used with all internet-connected devices (mobile or desktop, hardwired or wireless) so you don’t have to configure each device separately. (Open DNS and Sophos Home are both free, but you will need to configure your devices and/or download software.)

We care about our customers’ internet safety and security—and what materials minors have access to. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ability to block harmful material in your home, please contact us at (208) 673-5335.

*Click here to read the full statute.

In compliance with Utah Code §76-10-1231, Avative LLC (dba Avative Fiber & Avative 5G) provides the following solutions to customers interested in blocking or filtering material harmful to minors:

  • Customers using the Avative Premium Mesh WiFi service receive access to the HomeCare™ suite of network security tools at no additional cost. These tools include Trend Micro malware filtering and parental controls. The parental controls settings allow customers to enable age-appropriate content filters, usage time limits, and custom block lists for devices while connected to the local network. More information about Avative Premium Mesh WiFi can be found at
  • Customers using their own router are referred to their router manufacturer for information about parental control options that may be available within their router's software.
  • Customers may also be recommended free and paid third-party solutions for content filtering on devices used by minors, such as:

New BEH Communications internet customers are verbally informed by our Installers during the installation process that we offer assistance with filtering and blocking of Internet content harmful to minors. The installers also inform customers to read the "High Speed Internet Service Acceptable Use Policy Introduction" located on the reverse side of the Installation work order customer copy. Under the "Notices" section it reads;

Blocking or Filtering Material Harmful to Minors
Pursuant to Utah Code § 76-10-1231(1)(a) BEH Communications, at the request of any customer, offer assistance with third party devices, routers and/or refer customers to third party DNS service providers that provide commercially reasonable method of filtering or blocking internet content harmful to minors. Customers may purchase a third party wireless router that has blocking and filtering technology. Some third party DNS service providers charge for blocking or filtering service. Customers may contact our office for further information and/or assistance.

BEH Communications also has the above "Notice" posted on its website under "Policies, Agreements & Notices" which can be found at

BEH Communications also has a copy of the above "Notice" posted at the front counter of its Office located at 63 E Main St Price, Utah 84501

BEH Communications also prints the following message on all its Customers Monthly Billing Statements:

"Notice: For information about blocking or filtering material harmful to minors please contact our Office at 435-820-2693 or visit our website at

Our company informs consumers about the potential dangers of the Internet and recommends content filtering options to every customer during the initial sales call, and at the time of the install. We refer them to our website at for a list of our recommendations. We also have the Utah Code posted in a conspicuous location at our office. Our team is trained to go over these items with them during these interactions.

Beehive has not had any subscriber request content filtering to prevent the transmission of material harmful to minors since SB 134 went into effect. Had such a request been received, Beehive would have referred the subscriber to third party providers who provide commercially reasonable methods for content filtering and blocking. Beehive is testing in-network content filtering and blocking products but the service has not been made available to our subscribers yet. is an internet service provider serving customers in the state of Utah. When a customer signs up for internet service they receive a welcome packet either by email or postal mail. This packet includes a full description of our filtering options. We offer three options that allows a customer to filter content deemed harmful to minors. We will assist any customer that uses our service to provide filtered content for their home or business. We rely on the following 3rd party services to provide this option.

  1. OpenDNS Family Shield. This service is installed on the internet router which is directly connected to your internet connection. All devices in your home will have e adult content filtering applied with minimal hassle. Although it is possible to bypass this filtering it will require more than a basic technical knowledge to do so. There are no filtering options with this service. It is turned on and applies only to adult content for all devices. It is also possible to install this service on individual computers.
  2. OpenDNS Home. This service does the same filtering as OpenDNS Family shield but it is customizable with over 50 categories of filtering which can be turned on or off. In addition to Adult content it will also filter phishing sites, hate groups, drug related sites and many others which may be turned on or off. OpenDNS is currently being used by 30,000,000 homes, schools, and businesses.
  3. K9 Wb Protection is an Internet filter and parental control software for your home Windows or Mac computer or Apple or Android device. K9 installs onto individual computers and provides the following features.

We provide filtering service to customer via the third-party vendor Calix for a nominal fee. This service is branded CentraGuard.

The service is described on our web site at:

Comcast is committed to providing a safe and secure internet experience for our customers. Depending on the model of wireless gateway a customer is using, Comcast offers parental control tools to assist with filtering Internet content harmful to minors in compliance with Utah Code §76-10-1231(3)(b).1 These parental controls are available to Xfinity Internet customers with any compatible leased gateway device. The newest generation xFi device offers more robust and intuitive parental controls through the Xfinity app.2 Customers can access xFi through the Xfinity app from anywhere with an Internet connection, giving them control of all the devices and services in their home through an easy-to-use digital dashboard. xFi includes a host of features that enable Xfinity Internet customers not only to prevent the transmission of materials harmful to minors but also to control their household’s Internet experience more broadly by setting reasonable limits on screen time and Internet access. For example, with xFi, customers can:

  • Set safe browsing mode to restrict device access to age-appropriate content;
  • Create personal profiles and assign devices to individual family members;
  • Instantly pause Wi-Fi access on their home network, by device or profile;
  • Create schedules to manage internet access by device or profile;
  • Arrange active time alerts that provide parents with an easy way to set a specific amount of time their children can be online each day. Once those time limits are met, children’s devices will automatically pause connections to the home Wi-Fi network.

Comcast also provides the industry-leading xFi Advanced Security service (a $72 annual value) to all customers who lease an xFi gateway. Comcast is the only provider to offer this service to customers at no additional cost. xFi Advanced Security comprises a suite of tools and functions that help protect customers from suspicious Internet activity, including activity that could potentially be harmful to minors. These tools and functions include:

  • Preventing inadvertent visits to malicious sites, including phishing sites;
  • Blocking remote access to smart devices from unknown/dangerous sources;
  • Blocking devices in the home from being taken over and used to attack other networks;
  • Monitoring of devices in real-time and delivering alerts when devices are behaving in unusual ways that could indicate malicious activity or a network threat;
  • A daily list of digital security-related actions that were taken that day;
  • The ability to adapt to the home network and get smarter to keep up with new threats over time.

Customers can also choose to buy their own cable modem, home gateway device, and/or Wi-Fi network equipment and, as a result, may not have access to the xFi parental controls. Many of the off-the-shelf offerings that customers buy have filtering features similar to xFi Advanced Security service.

Subsection 1(c) of Utah Code §76-10-1231 requires Internet service providers to provide Internet customers with notice regarding the availability of its filtering tools at the time customers initiate service. Comcast provides customers such notice when they sign up for Xfinity Internet service. Additionally, Comcast prominently features this information on its Xfinity Customer Support web pages for access at any time. Comcast’s website also provides customers with recommendations, online security tips and other resources to select third party content filtering software.3 Finally, Comcast has trained front-line employees, including call center care representatives, that can assist with the above-described parental control set-up and/or to direct customers to other appropriate online resources, such as Project Online Safety, and Netsmartz.

1 Xfinity gateways are all in one devices that deliver internet and voice connectivity and whole home WiFi coverage. xFi is Xfinity’s newest generation in advanced gateway.



NTUAW has in place methods for notifying all subscribers of their content filtering options upon subscribing to NTUAW's services. NTUAW's terms and conditions clearly lay out the various options available for content filtering. Further, each new subscriber is pointed to the terms and conditions, as well as the specific provisions pertaining to content filtering, as follows:

Customers who sign up in a retail location receives a printed copy of the terms and conditions at the point of sale. Customers who sign up online and over the phone receive an emailed copy of the terms and conditions. All customers, regardless of the channel through which they sign up, receive a receipt with the following:

Service Terms and Conditions:

Choice Wireless is a Pay In Advance service provider. If the monthly service amount due is not paid in full prior to the bill cycle date, service will be suspended. Monthly service plans require 70% usage to be in the Choice Home Network Area of Acceptable Use Policy will apply.

View Full Terms and Conditions

Learn About Content Filtering and Internet Safety

Thank you for your business.

We have received your payment in the amount of ::payment amount:: for invoice ::invoice number::.

To view the paid invoice or download a PDF copy for your records, click the link below:
::invoice link::

In order to be compliant with State Law SB 134 "offering content filtering methods for materials harmful to minors." we are notifying our clients by email of some of the methods available.

Kaspersky offers a free version as well as instructions on how to use it at...

They also have a paid version with additional features available at the same site listed above.

Direct Communications – Cedar Valley, LLC. (Directcom) notifies the Division of Consumer Protection that the notice, as defined in Utah Code §76-10-1231(l)(c), and method of compliance as provided under Subsection (3)(b) was provided to "all of the service provider’s consumers with a Utah residential address using electronic communications and with a consumers bill" – was sent February 13, 2020.

In accordance with Utah Legislation S.B. 150 – Materials Harmful to Minors, Direct Communications – Cedar Valley LLC ("DirectCom") is offering or suggesting content filtering methods for materials harmful to minors through third-party providers.

DirectCom does not provide or prefer any specific third-party vendor.

DirectCom is able to refer customers to commercially available options that do provide a reasonable method of filtering the receipt of material harmful to minors.

For information about how to protect minors online and to determine the appropriate parental blocking and filtering controls for online activity, please visit the websites for Family Online Safety Institute and ConnectSafely, which are advocacy groups that provide information and connections to third-party filtering tools you can use on your home computers and mobile devices.

EarthLink also offers its customers the option to directly purchase EarthLink Guardian, powered by Bark, which is an award -winning monitoring and screen time management tool that keeps kids safer online while preserving their privacy by providing filtering tools for websites children can visit. To add EarthLink Guardian as an additional service, customers can call 1-833-601-5649.

We are complying with the code by attaching to the end of every account-action email (billing due, account created, billing receipt, etc) this footer:


You may find the need to filter or block content on the internet in order to provide a safe and secure internet experience for your family. Content filtering can be done many ways, but Echo Broadband recommends using 3rd party services in addition to taking extra steps with your home network in order to provide a safe internet experience. Such 3rd party services include:

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

We will also be partnering soon with Bark: a service that provides more than just content filtering, but also behavior tracking and alerts for youth. They help catch grooming, bullying, and other similar events by monitoring social-media interactions with children, in addition to content filtering.

Emery Telcom through their wholly owned subsidiaries of Emery Telecommunications & Video Inc., and Emery Telcom Video, LLC (collectively Emery), provide fiber, fixed wireless, cable and DSL data services as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to customers in Carbon, Emery, Grand, San Juan, and Wayne Counties. Emery's conspicuous notification within the current biennial period consisted of the following:

  • Notification to new or returning customer at the time new service is subscribed that filtering is available
  • A web link placed on the residential internet services web page of Emery
  • Biennial electronic notification by email to internet customers
  • Biennial .pdf flyer attached in an electronic notification to the accounts of all internet customers in Emery's online billing system
  • Physical flyers mailed (USPS) to all internet customers receiving paper bills

Fibernet (Fibernet Corp), encourages parents and families to use available 3rd party tools in conjunction with consistent parental oversight to employ the safeguards necessary to protect children from the myriad of inappropriate content on the Internet

FirstDigital offers multiple services that comply with Utah Code 76-10-1231(1)(a). These services include but are not limited to DNS filtering, Search Engine Safe Search, Web Filtering, URL Filtering, Keyword and content filtering. If you need any additional information or have any questions please let me know.

Frontier requires that potential residential Internet customers speak to a consultant to complete an order for new service. Frontier's consultants are then required to read the following disclosure at the point of sale for new residential Utah Internet customers:

As a Frontier Broadband customer, you can manage what Internet content your children can and can't see by purchasing Frontier Multi-Device Security for a monthly fee. Frontier Multi-Device Security Parental Controls help safeguard children while they access the internet. Would you like to add this security feature to your account?

A description of Frontier Multi-Device Security is available on Frontier's website at:

RE: S.B. 134 – Materials Harmful to Minors Amendments

The the State of Utah, Department of Commerce, has passing of S.B 134 modifying the Utah Criminal Code regarding an Internet service provider’s responsibility to offer content filtering methods for materials harmful to minors. Under S.B. 134, Internet service providers are required to notify consumers of your right to request that material harmful to minors be blocked.

Please accept this letter as notice of the availability of content filtering for your internet service. You may request to have content/material harmful to minors blocked.

If you have any questions regarding the filtering of content, or are interested in filtering content please contact us at 970-562-4211. We have several options that should suit your needs.

Thank you again for choosing Farmers Telephone for your broadband needs and appreciate your business.

We value your business and strive to provide you and your family the best possible internet experience. Since the 1990's, we have offered optional filtered internet service in one form or another to protect families from harmful materials.

During the 2019 session, the Utah Legislature passed S.B. 205 which requires Internet Service Providers to offer content filtering for materials harmful to minors. The legislation also requires InfoWest to notify you of filtering options available to you.

For many years, InfoWest offered an in-network filtering service called "X-Stop" or "Clean Internet," but that service was recently discontinued as the technology did not keep up with changes and growth of the Internet.

After exploring many available options, InfoWest recently launched a new improved family content filtering solution called Connect Plus.

InfoWest Connect Plus is an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile application that allows subscribers the ability to set up a guest Wi-Fi network, set parental controls, provide basic policy management and associate devices in the network to household members.

As InfoWest strives to keep our network up to date with the latest in technologies and standards, most third party filtering software and devices are also compatible with InfoWest Internet service.

For further information on S.B. 134, visit

Internet Safety

If you have kids at home and you're interested in learning more about resources that allow you to set digital "ground rules" for their Internet usage, there are several online safety resources available to Google Fiber customers.

The Google Family Link app helps parents stay in the loop as their child or teen explores on their computer or mobile device, and lets parents set certain digital ground rules for their family. Please visit the Family Link website to learn more. Some Family Link settings are modifiable on the web, but you'll need to download the Android or iOS version of the app to access the full set of tools.

For additional Internet Safety resources, visit Family Online Safety Institute or ConnectSafely.

In Compliance with Utah Code 76-10-1231 (1)(a)

We understand that filtering the content of the Internet may be important to you and your family so we are pleased to announce our LightBurst Broadband Aspire Content Filtering service. You will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your family is safe from objectionable Internet content with the filtering service built within our Aspire Whole-Home Managed Wi-Fi system.

Our managed, carrier-grade Wi-Fi gives you superior performance, everywhere in your home. Unlike some of the consumer-grade Wi-Fi systems you buy at your local consumer electronics store, carrier-grade Wi-Fi is fast and highly reliable. No more dropped connections, no more dead spots—just reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi that works.

Even better is that it's worry-free. We take care of managing and updating your Wi-Fi network on an ongoing basis, so you don't have to. If you ever have an issue with your home network, our technical support team can access your Wi-Fi router remotely over the Internet and get you back up and running quickly.

The Aspire Content Filtering service is an additional $3.95 per month option when you subscribe to our Aspire Whole-Home Managed Wi-Fi service for only $9.95 per month. With these two services your home is covered with the Wi-Fi system you deserve and the content filtering service your family needs for only pennies per day.

We would love to talk to you more or give you a demonstration of the Aspire Whole-Home Managed Wi-Fi system and Aspire Content Filtering Service. If you're ready to leave poor Wi-Fi performance and technical hassles behind and start enjoying a superior protected online experience, either call us at 528-7236 or drop by our office at 29 South Main to get more information.

We purchase blocks of filtered ip’s (From Infowest) which we provide to any and all customers requesting content filtering.

Offering of filtered internet is on our facebook page as well as our pricing sheets.

We also recommend and supply Google Wifi and Ubiquiti filtering appliances at Customer locations as well as via our data centers.

Hughes makes available to each of its subscribers an option to sign-up for Norton 360 Deluxe Norton 360 Deluxe | Antivirus & Web Security | HughesNet ( 360) which allows for content filtering to prevent harmful content from reaching minors.

If you find the need to filter or block content on the internet in order to provide a safe and secure internet experience for your family. Content filtering can be done many ways but Intellipop recommends using 3rd party services in addition to taking extra steps with your home network in order to provide a safe internet experience. Please visit us at for more information.

KSB encourages its customers to be aware of such dangers by suggesting that they use companies like and to reduce material that can be harmful to minors.

We at Liberty Broadband are happy to offer any customers that would like this content filtering to be added to their Internet Services to reach out to us.

To provide this content filtering we would connect you with a 3rd Party tool that was developed by another Utah company called Net Nanny. This will allow you to set specific content filters to each individual minor you have in your house. You could also extend this and have it also work on your minors phones\tablets if you want filtering to be enabled there as well. This tool does have a cost associated for its use and would need to be paid to receive the Content Filtering.

If you would prefer a different Content Filtering tool we are more than happy to work with you to ensure it doesn’t cause any disruptions to your Internet Connection when it is set up.

For the tech savvy customers you could also setup Content Filtering directly on your Router. If you need assistance with that or have questions on it we are more than happy to assist you.

If you have any questions or concerns about the updated rules for Content filtering please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. As a recap content filtering is optional it is not something that is required for your Internet connection if you have a minor.

LR Communications, Inc. complies with §76-10-1231 by providing recommendations to our customers for commercially available filtering options as LR Communications is not in the business of monitoring or filtering customers Internet use or access and we feel our customers are better informed and capable of making those decisions for themselves.

We provide these suggestions to customers in our Terms of Service and send emails yearly about it.

Dear Customer:
In accordance with Utah Legislation S.B. 134, LR Communications is referring or suggesting content filtering methods for materials harmful to minors through third-party providers. We are not in the business of monitoring or filtering customers Internet use or access and we feel you, our customer are better informed and capable of making those decisions for yourself. We are happy to provide suggestions and assistance where possible, and appropriate, to you in order for you to filter and control you and your family's online experience and content.

We do not provide or prefer any specific third-party vendor but we refer customers to some of the following commercially available options that provide reasonable methods of filtering the receipt of material harmful to minors.

Suggested filtering products:

Circle with Disney
Circle can be used as a hardware only product that connects to your home router and provides content and time based filtering options. Circle also comes loaded on some Netgear routers that do not require any additional hardware. Circle also supports controlling Apple and Android devices regardless of what network they are on with Circle Go.
Net Nanny
Net Nanny is a software application that loads on computers and devices to filter Apps, websites and content.
OpenDNS is a cloud based filtering service that allows you to set filters and controls on devices with the use of DNS based filtering.

The suggested products above or other commercial available products may or may not be compatible with your current router and may require you to obtain your own router or new hardware to make these products work. LR Communications does not and cannot guarantee that any routers provided to our customers will work with these products or methods. We encourage you to research and analyze the appropriate filtering method for your particular needs. If you would like further information regarding how to select an appropriate content filter please call us.

We offer various 3rd party solutions to our existing and new customers for blocking and filtering material harmful to minors. Our customers are presented with these options at signup and then notified twice annually via email, newsletters, and bill inserts. Our solutions are 1) DNS filtering services 2) Router Limits devices 3) Calix or TP-link routers with either built in or add on enhanced parental controls. All three solutions utilize 3rd party controls and each has a free service with limited features or and enhanced service with a more robust feature set. We either sell or lease and manage the hardware devices.

Meriplex Communications provides Internet connectivity to enterprise businesses throughout the United States. Meriplex does not service residential customers.

As required by Utah Code 76-10-1231, all Meriplex customers have the option to purchase web security services that allow for the user to block content including pornography, gambling sites, and other harmful material. This service is provided at a commercially reasonable fee and is advertised on our website,, as well as through email marketing campaigns which are sent out to customers periodically.

Miles wireless is compliancing with Utah code by providing content filtering through a paid OpenDNS service. Use of this service is free. Our website indicates the fiterings services are available for free. We sent a mailing via USPS to all of our customers indicating filtering is available for free.

This is the text of the 76-10-1231(1)(a) notice we provide to all clients when they sign up for service.
You may find the need to protect your family from undesired web content.

While there are many ways to accomplish this, Nebonet suggests using 3rd party services that provide parental controls as well as proper network management and education for your family. While we do not endorse any particular service, here are several options available on the market today:

  • Circle with Disney
  • Router Limits
  • Open DNS
  • Sophos Home
  • Norton Family
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids

As allowed under 76-10-1231, subsection 3(b), we refer our customers to a third party, OpenDNS, that provides a commercially reasonable method of filtering to block the receipt of material harmful to minors. OpenDNS has both free and paid options for filtering websites for adult content.

Please click the link below to access Optic Loop Communication’s Content Filtering policy. Please be aware that Optic Loop is currently in the process of updating their policy to reference the most recently passed bill.

In accordance with Utah Senate Bill 134, we are required to inform you and the Utah Division of Consumer Protection of available internet content filtering methods to block materials deemed harmful to minors while using our service.

We’ve compiled a list of several solutions available to consumers. Some of these options are hardware-based devices or additional software that can be downloaded on a computer or handheld device. Many of these are free and others have commercial offerings for a one-time payment, or a subscription basis.

Filtering Types and Options:

  • Software – Software applications can be installed on a specific device requiring filtering , or a set of devices minors have access to.
    • K9 Web Protection – Free- Available on Android, iOS, Windows, and OSX.
    • Apple Safari- Free- Available on iOS, and OS X.
    • Microsoft Family – Free – Available on Windows and Xbox One.
    • Net Nanny – Starting at $39.99 – Available on Android, iOS, Windows, and OS X.
    • Qustodio – Starting at $54.95 – Covers 5+ household devices.
  • Hardware – Hardware devices provide protection for all devices connected to the home network.
    • Circle with Disney - $99 – Available at Amazon, Best Buy and other retails.
    • Router Limits - $79.99 – Amazon and Walmart, also built into some brands of routers.

We are not affiliated with any of the companies suggested and do not endorse any specific product, or service.

If you have any questions, you may visit the Utah Department of Commerce , Division of Consumer Protection website at: for additional information.

If you require assistance choosing an appropriate content filter for your household, please reach out to our start for future assistance.

In compliance with Utah Code 76-10-1231 our(River Canyon Wireless) technicians verbally notify customers of the filtering availability upon install of service as well as the information being in the company terms of service which is handed to customers when filling out paperwork for service, Customers are urged to read the terms of service as they sign and agree to them. The information is also on our website in the terms of service section as well as the downloadable application should anyone wish to download it. Content filtering is also discussed with customers over the phone or in person should they ask. Aside from information we also have managed equipment that we directly program for the customers to filter content if the customer opt's for this equipment, for customer owned equipment we direct them to which is a free service with paid options for filtration settings on their personally owned equipment.

Utah Senate Bill 205 (2019) and Utah Code §76-10-1231 requires Utah Internet Service Providers, on a biennial basis, provide details to the Utah Division of Consumer Protection indicating how they are complying with the code for subsequent publication on their website.

SenaWaves Communications complies by:

  1. Providing training to Customer Service and Technical Support staff to respond to customer inquiries regarding options to filter material harmful to minors. Methods discussed include hardware filtering in customer's router, 3rd party VPN and DNS filtering services, and SenaWave's optional DNS filtering service.
  2. Providing an Opt-In SenaWave DNS filtering service which blocks websites believed to contain material harmful to minors. This service is powered by NetAngel.
  3. Providing notification to customers by email and/or postal mail that we provide options and services for content filtering to block content harmful to minors. This notice is provided conspicuously on their initial turn-up account statement and on each subsequent monthly account statement.
  4. Providing notice of same to consumers via the Division's website at

Further inquiries about SenaWave compliance, or options available, may be made by phone or email to the contacts below.

We are a small ISP in UtahCounty. To comply with that code and updates (SB205) we send the following on each first invoice - just after installation.

Utah Code §76-10-1231 modifies the Utah Criminal Code regarding an Internet service provider’s responsibility to offer content filtering methods for materials harmful to minors. Customers of Internet service providers now have the right to request that material harmful to minors be blocked. If you wish to have material harmful to minors be blocked, we can connect you to a third party or help you configure your existing router's parental controls.

Additionally, that message is posted on our website with links to each third party service: Need help filtering your service? We recommend:

Beginning late December 2018 the below email went into effect. It is sent to Utah only customers on day 4 of them signing up with Rise. This is an automated process and has been sent to upwards of 2000 new customers in Utah. Rise shows the email as having a 60% open rate and a 10% Click Thru Rate. URL is

South Central Communications uses Cisco Umbrella for our content filtering which is available to all customers for a monthly fee if they so choose. The URL for Cisco Umbrella is

Consistent with Utah Code Section 76-10-1231, South Central Communications uses the third party solution, Cisco Umbrella, to offer its customers a solution for blocking material harmful to minors on the internet. Customers are notified about this service at the time of their initial signup. At any time after signup, customers who are interested in blocking the receipt of material harmful to minors can contact South Central Communications at (888) 826-4211, or

When Starlink does commence service, we are planning to comply with the law by referring customers “to a third party that provides a commercially reasonable method of filtering to block the receipt of material harmful to minors” pursuant to § 76-10-1231(3)(b).

STRATA Networks uses Managed Wi-Fi with the STRATA Hub app for content filtering, which is available to all customers for a monthly fee if they so choose. To learn more, visit

Consistent with Utah Code Section 76-10-1231, STRATA Networks uses a third party solution, ExperienceIQ through STRATA Hub Premium, to offer its customers a solution for blocking material harmful to minors on the internet. Customers are notified about this service at the time of their initial signup. If at any time after signup, customers who are interested in blocking the receipt of material harmful to minors can contact STRATA Networks at 435-622-5007 or

SUMOFIBER provides a free service called safeDNS for content filtering.

Syringa Networks, LLC does not provide content filtering. If you are interested in solutions for filtering and blocking access to material on the internet that may be harmful to minors, Syringa Networks suggests you contact Sophos at or another of the many third party content filtering providers. This link is provided solely as a convenience to you and should not be construed as a guaranty or endorsement of services. Syringa Networks is not responsible in any way for services provided by a third party content filtering provider. You may contact Syringa Networks at 800-454-7214 if you have questions regarding content filtering. does not provide content filtering. If you are interested in solutions for filtering and blocking access to material on the internet that may be harmful to minors, suggests you contact Sophos at or another of the many third party content filtering providers. This link is provided solely as a convenience to you and should not be construed as a guaranty or endorsement of services. is not responsible in any way for services provided by a third party content filtering provider. You may contact at if you have questions regarding content filtering and may also obtain additional information regarding our policy by visiting

TDS Broadband Service LLC "TDS" that is the TDS operating entity in the State of Utah complies with Code Section 76-10-1231(1) that requires internet service providers to provide consumers notice regarding blocking or filtering material harmful to minors in the following ways:

  • Monthly recurring bill message stating: "Protect Your Kids from Unsuitable Web Content. Parental controls are available that monitor your kids’ Internet activities and help block access to disturbing websites. To learn how F-Secure SAFE can help keep unsuitable web content from your kids, visit"
  • Point of Sale notifications include:

We provide filters to customers via forced DNS resolution. Each customer is provided the opportunity to accept or decline filtering at the time of account creation.

Sprint Communications is now part of T- Mobile USA, Inc. (“T-Mobile”).

T-Mobile complies with Utah Code § 76-10-1231(1) by offering content filtering options to customers and making customers aware of these important parental controls in a number of ways, including in T-Mobile’s Terms & Conditions presented to new subscribers and in its account management application.

In compliance with Utah law, STRATA offers a method of filtering to help block the receipt of material harmful to minors with STRATA Hub Premium, available for $4.99/month.

At Union, we strive to support and empower our customers. To that end, we have provided all Utah residential broadband subscribers with an informational notice to state our in-house content blocking options, as well as explain content filtering and 3rd party parental control options. This information has been available and accessible on Union's public website since 2018 and will remain so. In addition to the direct notices and the information available on the website, Union's Customer Care representatives are adequately trained to assist customers with navigating, researching, and understanding 3rd party filtering options.

We value our customers and their families and strive to provide the best possible internet experience. We offer filtering for materials harmful to minors. In Utah Broadband’s introductory email, we inform customers that they can have material harmful to minors blocked. We offer managed router solutions though Eero, which provides a content filtering feature.

Verizon makes content filtering tools available to its consumers through Verizon Smart Family, a parental controls app for Verizon smartphones, and through a partnership with Mobicip, a leader in content filtering technology for smartphones, tablets and computers. Both services offer consumers comprehensive parental controls, including the ability to limit screen time, block websites, manage apps and games, supervise content by applying age-appropriate filtering, view browsing history and locate or track family devices.

Verizon notifies its customers of these resources through the Wireless Customer Agreement and through printed brochures available in Verizon retail stores. We also include signage in our Utah retail stores to provide customers with such information. We direct customers to our website which provides customers with choices for enabling content filtering services for their devices.

At Viasat, we recognize the importance of providing customers with options to filter internet content that may be harmful to minors. Many devices today come with parental control features and numerous options are available online. Viasat recommends the Viasat Browser. Not only is it the fastest browser over Viasat Internet but there are also several extensions available to provide content filtering and other parental controls. To download the Viasat Browser, please go to Once you have downloaded and installed the Viasat Browser, please visit this site and select your preferred parental control extension.

Voonami continues to educate and provide options for customers to filter and block content as required with Utah Code 76-10-1231(1)(a). Material related to this can be found on our documentation site -

We inform customers of availability of content filtering during the sign up process if they desire and point them to this page on our website:

In response to the letter XMission recently received from your office I am providing the requested information, which we have on the following publicly facing web page: